Your £10 Gift…

£10 will…

♥ provide 2,500 litres of fresh water – Tumaini may only be a few miles from the centre of Mombasa, but we don’t have running water. On average we use 10,000 litres each day to meet the needs of both school and the community water project. Our truck collects water at least four times a day from a station approx 5 miles away, which supplies fresh drinking water for the schools, and for a modest cost, for the surrounding village.

In many places around the world water is taken for granted, but for the majority of the world, every drop is precious and carefully measured out for use. Your gift will help ensure fresh water is available every day at Tumaini.

♥ buy 3 text books – A very basic and important part of school life and with a constantly changing syllabus text books are always needed. Many students share books or use out dated editions; your gift could help a student to have their own text books. We helped a former student to set up a book exchange scheme where students can buy and sell new and used books at a discounted price.

♥ buy seeds for our Greenhouse Project – Dennis and Sammy have been looking after the greenhouse this year and have had great success with sukuma wiki (kale), which is very popular. They have also grown spinach, green and red peppers that were so sweet, butternut squash, pumpkins and okra. Recently they have just started planting potatoes in tyre gardens and are planning to grow tomatoes upside down in a 1 litre water bottle.

This initiative is to encourage people from the village to grow their own produce, to save money and encourage healthy eating.

So which  will you choose?

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