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£25 will…

♥ buy sports equipment – Next year Tumaini will focus on two specific sports, handball and basketball. We have teachers who are committed to their sport and they are passionate about passing on their skill and discipline to students.

This year we have seen great success with the girl’s handball team, finishing the year No.1 in the league and the boy’s team came fourth, which is an amazing achievement in their first competitive season.

Not to be out done our boy’s under 16 basketball team won 2 trophies this year and are ready for next season.

With your gift we can ensure they have all they need to succeed, the environment here is very tough on the nets and balls and most of our players don’t have sports shoes, which are a requirement for league games.

♥ buy guttering for water harvesting – When it rains it really rains! We have a lot of roof space at Tumaini and

underground tanks to store rain water. All we need to do is put heavy duty guttering around the school to catch as much rain as possible.  On a good day we can harvest enough water to last a week and we use at least 10,000 litres each day.

♥ buy exciting story books in English and Swahili – Kids love to read but most just don’t have the opportunity. Story books are a great way to get kids reading because they want to, not because they have to! Reading story books opens a whole new world to our children, it helps them develop their imagination, improves their language skills and hopefully their own story writing too, which is part of the exam syllabus.

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