Your £5 Gift…

£5 will…

♥ buy 62 eggs.

“Thursday is my favourite day,” says Elrsy, “we have rice and eggs” – well half an egg!

Your gift helps us to provide a nutritious meal with eggs every Thursday for 700 children and staff at Tumaini and to a number of needy people within the local community. We serve lunch Monday to Friday.

A small gift by a lot of people will ensure that this need continues to be met.

Thank you…

♥ give uji (porridge) for breakfast  – For a number of years, we’ve been serving uji to between 30-40 children who, for various reasons, leave home in the morning without eating or drinking anything. Our teachers keep an eye on the children to spot any changes in their energy levels and general well being; a big give away is when a child is unable to play with others during break times. After third term began this year it became obvious that more children were in need of taking breakfast at Tumaini, so from October Melissa started serving 70 children each day. Thank you so much to those of you who give towards our food and water! Food is important for all of us, but to the young and the weak it’s not only their health today; it’s the foundation for the rest of their lives.

♥ buy 1 school uniform – As in many schools across Africa a school uniform is worn with a lot of pride. Children generally don’t have a change of uniform so uniforms are often washed daily! Education for Life employs three tailors to ensure that there is a ready supply of uniforms and your gift will ensure that they can be replaced when needed.

♥ buy 10 disposable nappies – Through our work in the wider local community, we have met many families with children who have special needs. To attend schools and clinics the children have to wear disposable nappies and for most, this is completely unachievable. Parents work hard to provide food and medical care for their children, nappies are almost a luxury!

So which  will you choose?

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Thanks for helping us to put your love into action…