Challenge 2020!


Children’s Online learning Via Internet Devices

Children across the world have been affected by the imposter we call COVID-19 and the full impact will be realised in the coming years.

There’s an amazing children’s story called ‘A Bear Hunt’ and echoed through the story, as the children face various difficult terrains on their hunt for the bear is, ‘We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we can’t go round it, we have to go through it!’

Children at Tumaini began this academic year in January and then mid-March had to be sent home indefinitely. At first, as for all of us, we found ourselves stuck in the mud of uncertainty and some fear, trying to hold on to the hope that this would pass quickly. But, just like the children in the story we soon realised we have to find a way through it for as long as it takes.

So, thankfully, teachers have contacted many children via WhatsApp and are managing to set work projects and questions for them to do through their parent’s or neighbour’s phones. We are grateful to some parents who are managing to copy work for other children they know who don’t have access to a smart phone.

There’s always something to make us smile and today that was hearing that ‘some children are being selective over the lessons they participate in, leaving others they don’t like’ Kid will be kids!

On behalf of all of us at Education for Life, we want to thank ALL our sponsors who are continuing with support through this hard time. You are being amazing!

Children, teachers, support staff, parents, all of us say thank you. Together we will get through this! We know there is tough terrain ahead and we will need to learn new ways, to embrace new methodology and negotiate difficulties – one of those being figuring out how we reach the many children whose parents either don’t have a phone or are using basic phones to communicate.

Keep smiling, though the road ahead is so uncertain – there will be a way!

God bless you all & Thank you!

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