Education for Life Society Canada

Over the last 10 years, a desire to sponsor the work of Education for Life has been growing in Canada. Through this society Canadians will be able to have a much greater impact on the lives of Kenyan Children.


It all started with a chance meeting in Kenya in the Summer of 2005.  A young adult from Edmonton met someone from Education for Life on the street in Likoni. Their conversation led to Jane and Glyn’s sister and brother in law moving to Edmonton.

Jane and Glyn started visiting their family in Edmonton and news of what they were doing at Tumaini School and Children’s Home through Education for Life got around to different people. As Jane and Glyn continued to come to Edmonton for visits, relationships developed and more people became interested in sponsoring the work being done by Education for Life in Kenya.

In 2012 a team of 8 people from Calvary Community Church partnered with the Emmanuel Foundation and went to Kenya to install a playground which has blessed the school, children’s home and the entire community. This team was excited after coming back and seeing the the impact that Education for Life was having on the children and the community and so more people have expressed their desire to participate in the work in Kenya.

Education for Life in Canada

At this time, the Education For Life Society Canada is in the process of being formed to give even more people with the desire to improve the lives of children in Kenya the opportunity to do so. We are waiting to hear back from the Canada Charities Directorate in regards to our status. Check back to see where we are at.

We are now able to receive donations and issue tax credits through The Great Commission Foundation.

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Education for Life Society Canada

After hearing about the work at Education for Life in Kenya, Marianne, Jen, Connie, Kathryn, and Rob chose to form the Education for Life Society Canada to make sure the work being done there can continue.

Working with Education for Life in Kenya, the members of Education for Life Society Canada provide sponsorship for the participants at Tumaini Timbwani School and Children’s Home.

Can you help – Yes we accept donations via The Great Commission Foundation