Children’s Home

In partnership with Footsteps International we originally set out to build a home for 12 very needy orphans, now known fondly as Tumaini Kids (TK’s). Even before the building was complete we were presented with a pressing need for 2 young girls who had lost all their family and 5 youngsters who desperately needed a permanent home, so we became 19 and moved into Tumaini.

The children very quickly settled and became one big family, but it was not long before more children were brought to us with huge needs. Charles and Mary now care for 27 children! It’s a great family!

The home has 7 spacious bedrooms, lounge, large balcony/dining area, kitchen and bathrooms.

This family is unique, it’s huge, but each child knows that they are loved and valued. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone has a role to play contributing to the smooth running of the family.