Why Sponsor?

Why Sponsor? 
What happens when I sponsor a child? What does my sponsorship include? What happens to the money – how do I know the money I give benefits my sponsored child?
If you are asking any of these questions…..read on

1. What happens when I sponsor a child?
When we receive your sponsorship form we will send a letter or email confirming receipt and the start date of your standing order. We will then inform the school and you will be allocated a child in order of need. If you have made a preference as to boy or girl we will endeavour to meet your request.
A photograph will be taken of your sponsored child, which will be posted or emailed to you from Mombasa with an introduction letter.
You will receive updates on your child’s progress including school reports, letters from your child and a photo at least once a year.

2. What does sponsorship include?
The money you give will pay for everything that your sponsored child needs whilst at school, ie. uniform, lunch, text books and stationery. At Tumaini Timbwani Schools we employ qualified Kenyan teachers and the sponsorship also helps towards their salaries.

3. What happens to the money?
Education for LIfe is a non-profit Christian Charity. Sponsorship donations are used for the benefit of your sponsored child/project and the running costs of that project.

4. Why should I sponsor a child?
Sponsor a child because you want to. Because you care. Because you want to offer hope. Because you know it can make a difference to the life of an innocent child..

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