History & Philosopy

Since 2004, Education for Life has provided a broad range of educational programs and services to facilitate the lifelong process called education.  Our employees – teachers, support staff and administrators – are responsible for creating the unique educational environment in which our students obtain the educational and training building blocks that will make their lives more fulfilled and rewarding.  Few jobs are more important.  Few organisations have such a capable, talented and diverse group of individuals as employees.

Educational Philosophy 

We believe in preparing young people to fulfil their potential by encouraging them with Hope, Trust and Confidence, to use their skills, knowledge and commitment to build and improve their home, their country and their world. In order that each person may be educated, schools must develop a flexible curriculum to meet individual needs.  Teachers must be prepared to understand each student from psychological, social, cultural and linguistic points of view.

We also believe that all people have a right to an economically successful life.  Success comes to those who can function in the dominant established culture.  Each student is therefore equipped with marketable skills to compete in a society, which has a dominant cultural group.  The school has broad horizons for all children including the socially deprived, the culturally diverse, the handicapped, and the gifted.

All those involved in education in Tumaini from the members of the School management to the students, work to promote the physical, and emotional health, social maturity, individual abilities, interests, and moral sensitivity of all our students.

Education for Life is a UK Reg. Charity No. 1078088. Education for Life’s vision is founded on the Christian faith and operates according to Christian principles. Everyone involved with Education for Life is given the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith.

Charity Objects

  1. The advancement of the Christian Faith
  2. The advancement of education, in particular but not exclusively, of children and young people
  3. For such other charitable purpose or purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the local communities in Mombasa, Kenya